VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor

VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor

[PDF] VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor

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Snippet : One of the countryrsquo;s top voice-over talents shares his secrets of success in an insiderrsquo;s guide to the industry. Actors, broadcasters, and anyone who has longed to earn a living by speaking into a microphone will cherish this insightful and often hilarious glimpse at the business. Coverage includes: Identifying natural talent Training a voice to make it commercially viable Gaining experience in smaller markets Making a demo CD Auditioning effectively Locating and signing with an agent Joining the appropriate unions Negotiating contracts Self-promoting to maximize exposureReflecting the quantum change that has occurred in the way voice-overs are recorded and cast in recent years, the updated Second Edition describes the advantages and disadvantages of auditioning and recording from home studios for clients around the world. This indispensable guide also addresses finding work in venues outside film and television, such as games, automated telephone systems, and websites. Aspiring and established voice-over actors will savor the behind-the-scenes details that show what actually happens during a voice-over recording session. Through it all, the author pairs performance tips with an expanded personal account of the crazed clients, practical jokes, and coincidences encountered on the long journey to success.Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don’t aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers.